About Us

Who are we?

Reverie Apparel Co. is a local business in a small town with a big city boutique feel. We started small...live videos in a home office and bins of orders outside the original owner's front door! We opened a storefront in November 2021, located in Neshannock Township (New Castle), PA and an online store shipping across the US! A change of ownership took place in January 2022 and we continue to look forward to providing our customers with the best service we can! 

Our brand is based around our name. Reverie means "lost in a pleasant thought." It's difficult to get lost in a pleasant thought when so many of our thoughts are negative, stressful, or self-critical. While clothing should not be what makes you confident, we want to provide our customers with apparel that is comfortable, flattering, and affordable, so that your thoughts are freed up to be pleasant. We want you to walk out the door in your Reverie Apparel without hindrance. Get in the photo with your kids. Make a new friend. Nail the job interview. 

Our core values are being real, relatable, and reliable. We are human. We deal with the same insecurities and obstacles as others. Let's be real about it. Let's talk about it and relate to each other. And when you do business with us, you can count on us to be reliable. 

We thank you for visiting our store and we hope you have a day as wonderful as you are!